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Salisbury Heights Primary Schools Salisbury Heights Primary Schools

Welcome to Salisbury Heights  Primary School

Salisbury Heights Primary School has approximately 400 students. The school has a very good reputation within the community. At Salisbury Heights Primary School we promote excellence and care by providing a broad and challenging curriculum that caters for a range of learning styles.

A safe and supportive learning environment is present and the school has a variety of quality resources to support learning. Our school's vision statement is 'Excellence and Care'. Our site improvement priorities are literacy, numeracy, staff and student wellbeing, student leadership and ICT.

We have a strong focus on the arts and provide specialist programs in music, PE and Chinese. We teach 'Program Achieve R-7' to develop positive academic and social habits of the mind. We provide quality intervention programs to support student learning outcomes.


Ms Katherine Holman

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Page Updated: 24/02/2017