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Salisbury Heights Primary Schools Salisbury Heights Primary Schools

Information for Parents

Link to: Department For Education Site re Raising a Complaint 

Download File Size File Type
Parent Handbook 421 KB Adobe PDF
School Behaviour Policy -(Parent/Student Version) 178 KB Adobe PDF
Student Code of Conduct 87 KBAdobe PDF
Resolving Issues & Concerns 62 KB Adobe PDF
Anti Bullying Policy110 KBAdobe PDF
Uniform Policy44 KBAdobe PDF
Nut Awareness Policy68 KBAdobe PDF
Out of Zone Enrolment200 KBAdobe PDF
Volunteers Policy 40 KB Adobe PDF
Materials and Service Charge / School Card120 KB Adobe PDF
Materials and  Services Breakdown 202049 KBAdobe PDF
Applying for School Card online82 KBAdobe PDF
Canteen Summer Price List366 KBAdobe PDF
Attendance Policy 101 KBAdobe PDF
Monitoring Attendance Flow Chart 192 KBAdobe PDF
Mobile Phone Policy 450 KBAdobe PDF
Sun Smart Policy 98 KBAdobe PDF
Page Updated: 28/05/2021