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"Continue to improve pedagogy and learning outcomes for all students."

- School vision statement

Salisbury Heights Primary School has approximately 440 students. The school is zoned and has a very good reputation within the community. We foster a safe and supportive learning environment and the school has a variety of quality resources to support learning.

Our school’s vision statement is to “Continue to improve pedagogy and learning outcomes for all students.” Our school values are “ Excellence and Care”. At Salisbury Heights Primary School we promote excellence and care by providing a broad and challenging curriculum that caters for a range of learning styles. We acknowledge student academic and personal success in a wide range of activities in assemblies and other forums.

Our site improvement priorities are to increase student engagement in their learning and improve achievement in literacy & numeracy. More detailed information can be seen in the 2020 Site Improvement Plan on this website.

We provide specialist programs in Music, PE and Chinese. We teach ‘Program Achieve R-7’ to develop positive academic and social habits of the mind.

We provide quality intervention programs to support student learning outcomes.


Ms Katherine Holman

Link to: Department For Education Site re Raising a Complaint