About our school

Salisbury Heights Primary School is a picturesque site with ample space and charm. Nestled in a serene location, it provides a captivating environment for approximately 400 students to learn and grow.

Salisbury Heights Primary School boasts a range of well-equipped classrooms, each designed to facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences. The school utilises modern educational technology, including interactive whiteboards, laptops and ipads, to enhance the teaching and learning process. The school grounds encompass expansive play areas, providing ample space for physical activities and outdoor play.

The school is zoned and has a very good reputation within the community. We foster a safe and supportive learning environment and the school has a variety of quality resources to support learning.

Our school’s vision statement is to “Continue to improve pedagogy and learning outcomes for all students.” Our school values are “ Excellence and Care”. At Salisbury Heights Primary School we promote excellence and care by providing a broad and challenging curriculum that caters for a range of learning styles. We acknowledge student academic and personal success in a wide range of activities in assemblies and other forums.

Our site improvement priorities are to increase student engagement in their learning and improve achievement in literacy & numeracy.

We provide specialist programs in Music, PE, Science, Health and AUSLAN.

For more information about our school please click here for our Parent Information Handbook.

Current enrolments

Our School currently has 377 enrolled students

Our Vision

Our school’s vision is to continue to improve pedagogy and learning outcomes for all students.


Our Values

Excellence and Care