Student Wellbeing

At Salisbury Heights Primary School we have a continued focus on students as individuals, as learners and as members of our school community. With a continued focus on positive behaviour education programs, positive mental health for children and pro-active programs we continue to support and engage our students in and out of the program.

SHPS has moved into becoming a Trauma Informed Aware school utilising the Berry Street Program across the site. This program along with numerous strategies and refined school processes help to foster a sense of safety, belonging and acceptance for all students from Reception to Year 6.

At SHPS we utilise a number of proactive strategies that further support all of our students to make connections, achieve ‘Excellence & Care’ and be engaged in all aspects of school life.

Proactive Wellbeing Programs:

– Daily Breakfast Club

– Interoception Room

– Interoception spaces in all learning areas

– Yard Clubs for students to attend during play times

– Sports Borrowing Program

– Library program at both breaks

– Circle Times & Structured Positive Morning Routines

– Social Skills Group Intervention

– Wellbeing Room activities

– Whole school events that foster togetherness, kindness and giving back to the local community

– Student Voice and Leadership Opportunities

– Celebrations of diversity, inclusiveness and coming together

– Social responsibility Awards and yard incentives for students

– Continual links with services