School facilities

Salisbury Heights Primary School boasts a range of well-equipped classrooms, each designed to facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences. The school utilises modern educational technology, including interactive whiteboards, laptops and iPads, to enhance the teaching and learning process. The school grounds encompass expansive play areas, providing ample space for physical activities and outdoor play.


Our large school gymnasium has excellent facilities including a multipurpose court, kitchen and toilet facilities.

Predominantly used for physical education, it also allows for whole school events to take place indoors.


Our large oval is equipped with a covered playground, soccer goals and football goals.

Playground and gardens

We have two playgrounds that provide a fun outdoor learning environment. Surrounding each playground is a nature garden where students can play, nurture and learn.  

Inviting Classrooms

Our classrooms are located with similar year levels who work collaboratively.

Individual classrooms can be found in teaching blocks of four to eight classrooms.