School Events

At Salisbury Heights Primary School there are a range of school events throughout the year. Please see examples of some of these below.


A skills and safety-based program offered to students in Year 6. This program includes activities such as kayaking, snorkelling, sailing and Canadian canoeing.


A water safety-based program offered to students in Years R – 5.

Charities Day

An annual fundraising event, undertaken by the school in order to donate funds towards an identified charity.

Sports Day

An annual sports activities event, held on site, celebrating participation by all.

Colour Fun Run

A bi-annual fundraising event held on site. All money raised is used to improve aspects of the school, decided upon by our Governing Council.

Book Week and Parade

Celebrating a love of literature, we hold an annual book week parade followed by a range of class and lunchtime activities throughout book week.