Principal and staff profiles

Welcome from our Principal

Mrs Susan Searles, School Principal

Salisbury Heights Primary School offers a range of learning experiences and caters for the diverse interests and needs of our students.

With a focus on literacy and numeracy, each class has a daily allocated time for this learning to occur. Complementary intervention programs are also available for students who benefit from additional support.

Student wellbeing is also prioritised with supportive practices and programs that assist students to participate each day.

Meet our leadership staff

Meet our leadership staff

Susie Searles


Susie Searles, Principal

Christos Pounendis

Deputy Principal

Christos Pounendis, Deputy Principal

Amber Arruzzolo

Student Wellbeing Leader

Amber Arruzzolo, Student Wellbeing Leader

Sam Papadopoulos

Instructional Coach

Sam Papadopoulos, Instructional Coach

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Sally Morgan

Business Manager

Sally Morgan , Business Manager



Susie Searles

Deputy Principal

Christos Pounendis

Student Wellbeing Leader

Amber Arruzzolo

Instructional Coach

Sam Papadopoulos

Reception - Room 13

Adele Foster & Tessa Rigon

Reception/Year 1 - Room 12

Michaela Cekavicius

Year 1 - Room 11

Megan McMahon, Tessa Rigon & Graham Maddren

Year 1 - Room 32

Lisa Woods

Year 1 - Room 35

Cristy Hart & Sally Wallis

Year 2 - Room 6

Emily Pease

Year 2 - Room 7

Isabella Conway

Year 2/3 - Room 8

Nicole Bowler

Year 3 - Room 10

Maggie Gordon

Year 3/4 - Room 9

Paul Ebert

Year 4 - Room 33

Cathy Grieve

Year 5 - Room 34

Daniel Stevenson

Year 5 - Room 31

Terry Gilder

Year 5/6 - Room 26

Sylvia Markis & Mike Stott

Year 6 - Room 28

Frances Ciccone

Aboriginal Education Teacher (AET)

Jenny Spartley

Special Education/ Autism Inclusion Teacher

Andy Ward


Cristy Hart

PE Teacher

Andy Ward & Tom Madden

Health Teacher

Tom Madden

Music Teacher

Vince Cavaleri

Science Teacher

Kynan Herbert & Jenny Spartley

Support staff

Business Manager

Sally Morgan


Kylie Barratt


Jodi Daniels


Debbie Dawkins


Melissa Egginton


Noelene Frappell


Shenae Hosking


Kimberley Knevitt


Sharon Knowles


Sue Moss


Leanne Pease

Front Office - Administration Officer

Shaye Petruzzelli

Finance Officer/ Front Office

Emily Shepherd


Rebecca Spears


Eileen Vassos


Cheree Webb

SSO/Front Office

Leanne Young

Aboriginal Education Officer

Tammy Sailor

Canteen Manager

Jo McDonald

Canteen Worker

Lynette Keen

ICT Support

Gregg Matthews

OSHC Director

Carly Hendry